The Teatro Regio in Turin holds an audition for the selection of contemporary dancers/performers, male and female, for the opera “Turandot” by Giacomo Puccini, with direction and choreography of Stefano Poda.

Useful informations
The number of artists to be selected will be a minimum of 8 men and 10 women. Are planned partial nudity scenes (naked breasts for women) and makeup on the body.
Fundamental Requirements:
– Professional experience in one of more of these following techniques: contemporary dance, release, contact improvisation, Butoh.
– The choreographic work is mainly based on the artist’s ability to move from an energetic and explosive movement to the very slow motion or until the negation of motion. And viceversa.
– Ability to express its personality and strength through the movement by leaving every formal and decorative gesture
– Work with strong personality and musicality (by living the music internally, accents, from strong to delicate, without – in no way – describing the line externally)
– Have P. Iva or be available to open it before the beginning of the contract period.
– For non-EU candidates: have a regular permission to work

The Job:

Contract : From 10 December 2017 to 25 January 2018.
Performances: 9 recitals (16 January – 25 January 2017)
Salary : 300,00 euro gross + IVA for 9 recitals. (total amount gross 2.700 euro + Iva)
N.B.: No special reimbursement for naked breast and makeup; no refund of travel expenses and accommodation.

When: A pre-selection will be made from the CV and video applications (see how below).
The audition is scheduled the 7 November 2017; timing will be communicated by email to the selected dancers.

Where: Turin, Italy

How To Apply: Please send a completed application form and  CV and Video to email:

Video Requirements: The video must be uploaded to one of the free platforms available on the net (YouTube, Vimeo or others) with free access (do not require a password or registration to view the movie); in the entry form you must clearly show the full URL (link) to the candidate’s video. Please NO files to download
The application will not accepted if without active URL, that allows to direct access to the video by 7/11/2017. Please NO more than one video.  Up to 5 minutes with or without music (at your choice) of an improvisation trying to express all your own skills and strength, but based on the above artistic features.

Deadline for Applications: 25th October

For more information please visit:

Photo © Teatro Regio Torino

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