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WORK_ Štúdio tanca dance theater in Banská Bystrica is Looking for MALE AND FEMALE DANCERS for Upcoming 2 Seasons


Štúdio tanca dance theater
for male and female dancers

On June 1st 2019

Štúdio tanca dance theater in Banská Bystrica is looking for MALE AND FEMALE DANCERS for upcoming two seasons for a PAID full-time contract (starting: end of August 2019). We are looking for dancers with strong contemporary technique and improvisational skills.

How to apply: please send your application with CV and videopresentation to production@studiotanca.sk

Audition is by invitation only.

Where: Komenského 12, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

When: June 1st 2019

Deadline for applications: May 17th 2019

Costs for participants: None

Štúdio tanca dance theater in Banská Bystrica started its activity in 1998 and recently celebrated its impressive 20th anniversary.

Throughout its existence, it has offered courage, authenticity, topicality and professionalism to its audience and it persistently paves the way of creative work with the utmost support of the artists, their creative expression and opinion. In this consideration, it is truly a unique institution in Slovakia.

Štúdio tanca dance theater has so far presented 1300 performances, of which more than 300 were guest performances at domestic and foreign scenes and presented its work to more than 116,000 viewers not only in Slovakia, but also in many European countries and in Russia, Egypt, Japan and India as well. Its distinctive artistic attributes brought it many awards, including the Prize of the Mayor of the City of Bratislava and the Prize of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

For further information, please visit: www.studiotanca.sk +421 48/414 65 40

Komenského 12, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

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