Ester Ambrosino, artistic director of the Tanztheater Erfurt, is looking for 18/19 contemporary dancers for various productions in the season.

Fairy Queen
Rehearsals wants to start on 8.4.2019
Premiere: 18.5.2019
Further performances: 25.5., 5.6., 9.6., 14.6., 15.6., 16.6.2019
Fairy Queen must be guaranteed

sacre du printemps
Rehearsals will start on 2.9.2019
Premiere: 26.10.2019
Further performances: to be announced
Availability for the complete production sacre du printemps must be guaranteed

How to Apply: Please send your curriculum and video to make a selection in advance. Please send your application to the following address:

Audition: 10th June 2018 at 2 pm

Where: Theater Erfurt (ballet hall)

For more information please visit:

Photo: © Tanztheater Erfurt

Tags: Tanz, ballet, Europe


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