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WORK_ Dance Company Groundbreakers is Looking for 2 Dancers F/M for a Exchange Project Between CHINA and HOLLAND


We are Groundbreakers; Young and cool. Into new, fun and serious ways that life represents itself.

We are looking for two dancers M/F with very good ballet and modern dance techniques for a new cultural exchange project between CHINA and HOLLAND ; The Peony Pavilion – A beautyful dream.

Project making + rehearsals in China, Suzhou from the beginning of August 2019 until 20 September 2019.
Peony Pavilion – A beautyful dream It is a performance in which modern dance comes together with classical Kunqu Opera fragments and is a new interpretation of Chinese classical beauty. “The Peony Pavilion” with the scene “A beautiful dream” is a story about love.

This is how the Chinese expect and pursue love. Modern dance will come closer to the aesthetic demands of modern people and show the classical texts of Kunqu Opera in a more emotional than language. It is about a unique collaboration between Dutch and Chinese dance makers and other artists.

Age: 25 to 40 years professional dance experience for at least three years; Special personal appearance with own special dance skills;

Period in China: beginning of August until September 14 and in NL performances until September 19.

Application with motivation letter and your own video recording via YouTube, etc.;

Audition only on written invitation.

What do we offer?
A process in which your own talents and strengths are bundled and combined into a new performance.
Terms and salary will be in a written contract.

Only apply if you meet the job requirements and are available in the specified period.

Send us your resume, short motivation letter and passport photo and your own video link like Youtube etc. to info@groundbreakers.nl

We look forward to receiving your application.
Cunsong Xu – Artistic leader
Rose Handriks – Business Assistant

Learn more about Dance company Groundbreakers at: http://www.groundbreakers.nl

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