Connor Schumacher will be holding an audition in Rotterdam looking for 3 professional dancers and 2 internsfor a creation of an evening-length performance premiering in the fall of 2019.
Connor is looking for as a diverse a cast as possible. He is looking for dedicated performers who are ready to dive into a movement practice he refers to as High Intensity Metaphors. This practice is about the stamina of expression, physicality and precision of imagery. He will be working from an improvisational method towards a choreographed structure, so he is looking for creators and team players who can reflect and communicate in a balanced way about their own behaviour & how they are experiencing the work.

Diversity is key to this casting. Every body and style of movement is welcome to apply but it should be noted that the life of this work will be intense, and the body and mind will need stamina to survive. Connor will provide the appropriate working structure with this high level in mind. This will not be for the feint of heart.

Availability for the project:
July-Sept 2019 4
6 weeks of research, creation, and montage (rehearsals take place mainly in Rotterdam)
Sept 2019 Premiere
Sept 2019 – January 2020
Touring possibilities, with an emphasis on September through November:

When: The audition will be by invitation only on October 27th & 28th 2018 from 11:00-17:00 with an hour break in the middle of the day.
We will let you know if you are invited to the audition or not before October 21 2018

Where: The location (in Rotterdam) will be communicated when your participation in the audition is confirmed.

How to Apply: Please send a CV  with a clear picture and any video links to

Deadline for Applications: before October 14, 2018

Due to the capacity of space and of mind – the audition will be limited to 20-30 applicants.

For more information, please visit

Photo: © Conor Schumacher


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