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WORK_ Choreographer & Director Jack Webb is Looking to Meet New Dancers for a Research & Development Project ’79 Spaces’


Award-winning Scottish Choreographer and Director Jack Webb is looking to meet new dancers for a research and development project ’79 Spaces’.

The project
79 Spaces is a new intergenerational work for four women between the ages of 20 and 70 years old. ​79 is a rough average of the age that humans will live to be. Working with this sense of time as a guide for a new work, Jack will develop ideas, choreography and movement methodologies and choreographic strategies that explore life in the in between spaces, the value of time, how much time we have left, how much we’ve wasted and as we grow older how our sense of time changes. This research is part of and informed by Jack’s current body of work exploring choreographic strategies that bring people together, paying close attention to the importance of support networks, community, connection, disconnection, isolation, loneliness, care of oneself and others and the never ending search for shared connection and its transformative effects.

Jack’s practice
Jack’s work is strongly routed in the dancing/moving body. His practice is concerned with a variety of enquiries that explore ways in which to transform and deconstruct the body, states of consciousness and being, distortion of the body, objects, costume and surroundings. His work is often influenced by and attempts to connect to the goings on in nature and society, is of an existential nature and attempts to zoom in on the inner and outer emotional and physical landscapes of the performer and audience.

Jack is interested to meet four female professional dancers to form a diverse group for this project in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is looking to meet

One professional dancer between 20 – 30 years old
One professional dancer between 30 – 45 years old
One professional dancer between 45 – 55 years old
One professional dancer between 55 – 70 years old (although older performers will be considered)

Dancers should possess a strong and articulate dance/physical/technical/movement base with an interest in and experience of improvisation, partner work, text, should be excited by an experimental approach and be comfortable working in collaboration with the choreographer/director and other dancers to develop the work. Jack would like to meet dancers who are kind, sensitive, articulate, brave, open minded and who enjoy working deeply and authentically in a safe creative environment under the guidance/direction of the choreographer.

3 weeks – 18th June – 6th July 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland

£550 per week
​Accommodation and transport provided for those living outside of Edinburgh

How to Apply: Please write to Jack at jackwebbdance@googlemail.com with a note of interest that details why you would like to work with Jack/the project , a CV and footage of you dancing.

Deadline for Applications: All applications should be received by 27th May 2018. There will be no audition.

79 Spaces is supported by Creative Scotland and Dance Base, Edinburgh.

For more information please visit: https://www.jackwebbperformance.com

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