Balletto del Sud is looking for dancers with classical training and modern movement attitude.

For women dancers it’s required to wear pointe shoes.
Applicants must perform a variation of the classical repertoire or choose in the company’s repertoire (listed below).

The audition is divided into five steps:1) bar – 2) center – 3) bits – 4) changes -5) company’s choreographies.At the end of each step it will be communicate the numbers of candidates eliminated (WARNING: during phases 1) and 2) may be more eliminations).
The audition will last from 3 to 6 hours (it depends on the number of participants).The change made can be taken from classical repertoire or from the company’s repertoire.
The candidate may present two variations (classical repertoire and company)
Step 5) consists of a choreography in group, a company’s repertoire, extemporaneous taught.

Choose the variation among these:

For Women
Company repertory:
Aurora variation in Act III (Franzutti / Tchaikovsky)
Changes in Act III Carmen “Mountain” (Franzutti / Bizet)Follow link to view the video

Traditional – classical repertoire:
The bayadere, Gamzatti
Paquita, variation in choice
The corsaire, a change in choice , 3 Odalische
Giselle, first act
Black Swan

For Men
Company repertory:
Variation of the Prince of The Sleeping Beauty Act III ( Franzutti/Cajkovskij ) follow the link below for the video

Traditional – classical repertoire:
Don Quixote, Basil (Act III)
Acteon, variation
Giselle, variation Peasants (Act I)
La fille mal gardée, Act III
Prince variation, (the Swan Lake)
Blue Bird ( The Sleeping Beauty)

Classification 2018/2019 – The classification lasts one year up to September 2019.

As needed dancers will be summoned following the classification list.
If a dancer has already entered in previous rankings and has not been called must retake the examination.
And it’s required to retake the audition also the dancer who has worked with the company but did not participate in all the productions of the year, except for those who cooperated with the Balletto del Sud during summer.
They have to retake audition also dancers who participated in some of the company’s production thanks to direct calls but they never auditioned.
NB = Dancers present in the rankings of “beneficial owner” at opera companies and/or opera foundations, that have no intention of giving up that right, cannot participate to the audition.

When: Monday, the 25th of June 2017 at 11.00 am

Where: Balletto del Sud headquarter, in Via Biasco n. 10 in Lecce – Italy.

How to Apply: The candidates have to send an e-mail to: and confirm their participation.
***Please do not send photo and resume***
The audition allows to Balletto del Sud inclusion list , valid for the next company season 2018/2019.

For more information please visit:


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