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WORK_ Arielle Smith is Looking for Dancers to Join her Company Arielle Smith’s Project DOT


Arielle Smith is looking for dancers to join her company Arielle Smith’s Project. DOT for an 8 week creation period and 10 date UK tour commencing Jan 2020 of its new full length production.

We are looking for dancers who are musical, playful and technical movers. This is an exciting opportunity to create a new role for the company. We welcome individuals who wish to share their own experiences and stories, projecting their own style onto the movement.

Applicants must have a readiness and want to connect generously with the movement, the company, audiences and all those we engage with. Arielle Smith’s Project. DOT believes that through collaboration and a constant need to stay connected to the world around us, we can develop better together.

Teaching experience or a passion for outreach is welcomed.

Applicants must have professional dance experience. Please note, we are not able to invite dancers who are currently still in training to the audition.

We encourage and welcome applications from BAME performers.

If you have any queries please email info.project.dot@gmail.com

Where & When:
Successful applicants will be invited to an audition in London, which will take place on Friday 8 November 2019.

Important dates and information:
Creation and rehearsals: Jan 6 – Feb 28 (pay: £650 per week)
Applicants must be free between Tuesday 3 March – Friday 15 May 2020 for touring.

Applicants must hold a valid work permit or visa enabling them to legally work in the UK for the duration of the engagement.

Arielle Project. DOT is on Instagram and Facebook: @as_projectdot

Apply Now:

Application deadline: Friday 11 October 2019, 12pm

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