Except for a guest performance of NIJINSKI in Cremona, the Dance CompanyTheaterhaus Stuttgart will start the the new year with rehearsals for its great anniversary production _BIG FAT TEN_. The mixed bill includes seven works which all need to be rehearsed and, even more important,created in January and February. With the first night scheduled for
March 1, 2017, things will be very busy in the two Löwentor studios.

Apart from that, we would be delighted if you include the two February
performances in your calendar of events.

A production of Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Choreographies by Alejandro Cerrudo, Nacho Duato, Marie Chouinard,
Andonis Foniadakis, Itzik Galili, Eric Gauthier and Johan Inger

Ballet Mistress: Takako Nishi
Ballet Master: Guillaume Hulot
Company Coach: Egon Madsen
Artistic Coordination Set & Costume Design: Gudrun Schretzmeier
Lighting Design and Technical Co-ordination: Mario Daszenies
Production Management: Alexandra Brenk
Dancers: Garazi Perez Oloriz, Anna Süheyla Harms, Rosario Guerra,
Anneleen Dedroog, Sandra Bourdais, Maurus Gauthier, Luke Prunty, Alessio
Marchini, David Rodríguez, Alessandra La Bella, Nora Brown, Francesca
Ciaffoni, Jonathan dos Santos, Réginald Lefebvre, Barbara Melo Freire,
Theophilus Veselý

Ready for the great party: From March 1 to March 5, 2017, Theaterhaus
Stuttgart will celebrate the first decade of its dance company. The
programme features seven works by international star choreographers
including FIVE WORLD PREMIÈRES plus a walk down memory lane devised by
Eric Gauthier. The pieces will not only show the broad stylistic range
of Gauthier Dance. Even more than usual, Gauthier paid particular
attention to the choice of artists:

Three choreographers have already successfully collaborated with the
company and can be trusted to create new works exactly tailored to the
wonderful team of dancers:
Laid-back, witty, hip – ALEJANDRO CERRUDO’s style perfectly matches
Gauthier Dance. With _PACOPEPEPLUTO _and _Lickety-Split_, he contributed
two of the greatest hits to the repertoire. The new medium-length group
piece will be the first world première for Gauthier Dance by the
Resident Choreographer of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.
ITZIK GALILI has been closely associated with the company almost from
the beginning. _The Second Monkey_, _The Sofa_ and, most recently, the
hilarious „nerd meets vamp“ pas de deux _Cherry Pink and Apple
Blossom White_ shows off the humorous side of the company to its best
advantage. For _BIG FAT TEN_, the Dutch choreographer with roots in
Israel will develop another dance comedy: Two TV hosts modelled on
Stefan Raab announce the greatest dance piece of all time. The clock is
_Now and now_, the intense unfolding of a love story from the bill
Infinity, impressed audiences and critics alike. This explains why
Gauthier Dance is so delighted that JOHAN INGER will do it again or
rather has done it again – for the piece is already finished! In
autumn 2016, some of our dancers travelled to Seville, the Swedish
choreographer’s current home base for the creation of Inger’s
sophisticated new piece: an all-female trio inspired by Sally Mann’s
iconic photo of three women, _Three Graces_.

The anniversary also makes for an ideal opportunity for collaborations
with choreographers who have been on top of Eric Gauthier’s wish list
for a long time:
ANDONIS FONIADAKIS from Greece ranks among the most sought-after
choreographers worldwide. For Gauthier Dance, the freshly appointed
Ballet Director of the Greek National Opera in Athens will devise a big
symphony of movement and dance, a group piece for the entire company.
The birthday present of NACHO DUATO, Artistic Director of the Berlin
State Ballet, is an excerpt of his signature piece _Multiplicity. Forms
of Silence and Emptiness_. The pivotal pas de deux from this tribute to
the composer Johann Sebastian Bach visualises the dialogue between the
musician and his instrument. The cello is represented by a female dancer
who, guided by the bow of the „cellist“, turns into the resonating
body for the pure sounds of Bach’s Suite for Violoncello Solo No. 1 G
The French Canadian Eric Gauthier has always admired his countrywoman
MARIE CHOUINARD, the Canadian Grande Dame of contemporary dance. On her
part, she was very much impressed by Theaterhaus and the open-minded
audiences in Stuttgart on the occasion of her world première _Soft
virtuosity, still humid, on the edge_ at the first COLOURS festival –
and has kept in touch ever since. On top of her contribution to COLOURS
2017, she will also be part of the _BIG FAT TEN_ line-up with a key work
– her solo on a lovestruck faun, _Prélude à l’après-midi d’un
faune_, inspired by Nijinski’s famous choreography.

Last but not least ERIC GAUTHIER will close the circle with a very
special world première. At the time when he was still a soloist with
the Stuttgart Ballet, the success of _Ballet 101_ encouraged him to
switch sides and embark on a new career as Artistic Director of Gauthier
Dance. For the anniversary, he will come up with its logical succssor:
_BALLET 102_! Following the solo _Ballet 101_, it is now a pair of
dancers who demonstrates the 102 positions of the classical pas de deux.
They are obviously entirely invented but each single one of them makes
for a humorous allusion to the works of famous choreographers, ranging
from Marius Petipa, Waslaw Nijinski, John Cranko and Mats Ek to John
Neumeier and Mauro Bigonzetti. The test run at the Kremlin Gala in
October 2016 proved a triumph, all the more as the glamorous cast
consisted of the two prinicpals of the Berlin State Ballet Elisa
Carrillo Cabrera and Misha Kaniskin. _For BIG FAT TEN_, Gauthier will
develop the final, more contemporary version for his own company. Let’s
hope that _Ballet 102_, just like _Ballet 101_, finds a place in the
repertoire of top companies worldwide.

Eric Gauthier and some of the choreographers involved will give an
introduction to the programme. The company is showing excerpts of the
new works.


Tour Management: ecotopia dance productions, [2]

Ballet by Marco Goecke
Music: Frédéric Chopin and others
Choreography: Marco Goecke
Set and Costume Design: Michaela Springer
Lighting Design: Udo Haberland
Dramaturge: Esther Dreesen-Schaback
Assistant Choreographer: Fabio Palombo
Production management: Alexandra Brenk
Artistic coordination Set and Costumes: Gudrun Schretzmeier
Dancers: Garazi Perez Oloriz, Anna Süheyla Harms, Rosario Guerra,
Anneleen Dedroog, Sandra Bourdais, Maurus Gauthier, Luke Prunty, Alessio
Marchini, David Rodríguez, Alessandra La Bella, Nora Brown, Francesca
Ciaffoni, Jonathan dos Santos, Réginald Lefebvre, Barbara Melo Freire,
Theophilus Veselý
A production of Theaterhaus Stuttgart

At its première in June 2016, the new full-length ballet by Marco
Goecke received unanimous praise from critics and from audiences. The
piece focuses on the life of the legendary dancer and choreographer
Vaslav Nijinski. It touches on significant stages of his life on and
off-stage, exploring the close relationship between art and madness.
Nijinski was one of the most extraordinary artists of the last century
and made dance history with parts like the clown in Igor Stravinsky’s
_Petrushka_, the Ghost of the Rose in _Le Spectre de la rose_ and the
Golden Slave in _Sheherazade_. But it is was his pioneering
choreographies that astounded the world and set new standards in dance.
The Paris première of Nijnski’s _Le Sacre du printemps _in 1913 created
what is still considered one of the greatest scandals in the history of
theatre. The undisguised eroticism of his ballet _L’Après-midi d’un
faune_, inspired by Claude Debussy’s exquisite piece, caused further
outrage in the Paris salons.
Nijinski’s career is closely linked with his path towards madness. He
was fighting schizophrenia and had to gradually withdraw from public
life. Nijinksi lived through both world wars and, when a patient in a
psychiatric hospital, he narrowly escaped death by the NS euthanasia
programme, along with his wife Romola.
Typically for Goecke, his piece moves beyond biographical aspects,
addressing fundamental psychological issues. NIJINSKI reflects on the
magic and the value of art – and the high price it exacts from
creative minds. The team includes partners who have collaborated many
times with Marco Goecke: the set and costume designer Michaela Springer,
the lighting designer Udo Haberland and the dramaturge Esther

In the last few years, Marco Goecke, Resident Choreographer of the
Stuttgart Ballet and Associate Choreographer of Nederlands Dans Theater
in The Hague, has emerged as one of the most sought-after choreographers
worldwide – renowned for his poignant, avant-garde dance language and
the audacity with which he breaks down aesthetic boundaries. In 2003
Goecke won the Prix Dom Pérignon, 2005 the Cultural Award of the Land
Baden-Wuerttemberg and 2006 the Prix Nijinsky for upcoming
choreographers. His ballet _Nutcracker _was nominated for the German
Theatre Prize THE FAUST 2007. In the current dance critics’ survey of
the specialist magazine tanz he was voted Choreographer of the Year
2015. Over the past ten years, Marco Goecke has created more than 30
pieces including the full-length ballets _Nutcracker _and _Orlando_ for
the Stuttgart Ballet and world premières for, amongst others, John
Neumeier’s The Hamburg Ballet, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Nederlands
Dans Theater, the Norwegian National Ballet, the Leipzig Ballet and the
São Paulo Dance Company. His works are also performed by companies such
as the Ballet of Gärtnerplatztheater Munich or Les Grands Ballets
Canadiens de Montréal.

Photos by Regina Brocke
From left to right: Nora Brown, Sandra Bourdais, Anneleen Dedroog,
Francesca Ciaffoni
Rosario Guerra as Nijinski

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