»ART of«  offers a special opportunity for participants to present themselves in an audition situation where directors of professional companies and ballet schools will be present. These people will be personally invited to attend this part of the program by »ART of«.
para una carrera profesional.
»ART of« ofrece una gran oportunidad para los participantes, en la que podrán presentarse a modo de audición a directores de compañías profesionales y escuelas de ballet. Los participantes serán invitados personalmente a formar parte de esta parte del programa por »ART of«.

More about at: www.madrid.art-of.net

Application deadline: 01 Jul 2017
Style: Classical Ballet, Neoclassical, Contemporary, Modern, Dance Theater
Age: minimum 14
Classical Ballet – Modern Dance – William Forsythe – Madrid
Summer 2017!
www.madrid.art-of.netEvery year students and established professionals from the world of dance travel from all over the globe to our courses in order to benefit from classes given by the best teachers that the dance world has to offer. With the support of William Forsythe we have broadened the horizon of young dancers opening them to new techniques and styles preparing them to the demands of a dance company of today who do not only ask their dancers to have excellent classical technique but also a knowledge of many different styles.

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