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Choreographer Gary Box seeks professional contemporary dancer

Where Valletta, Malta
When: Only 1 week between September-December 2020.
Deadline for applications: 20.09.2020

Gray Box aims to experiment with the interactions and common territories of contemporary dance, visual arts, and fashion: “Black Box”, “White Cube”, and “Catwalk”. ​Based on interdisciplinary research based-collaborations, and non-hierarchical collective creative process, Gray Box creates and curates site-specific projects, focus on ecology, socio-cultural changes and sub-cultures, question hegemonic class, gender, normative behaviors, and dominant ideologies. Choreographies, public performances, exhibitions, fashion collections together with workshops echo the broader socio-political context, and challenge the body as both a historically disciplined, shaped, and colonized archive and a living public/private site, where power is constantly contested and negotiated. In the past years Gray Box has performed across Europe (FR, D, HU, SB, HR, AT…), in major cities and small towns alike. It has been in-residence with many resident theaters and at universities.

We are looking for a professional contemporary dancer who wants to participate into a 1 week-long residency, and work on the creation of a solo dance performance. During the residency, the dancer will work directly with Anna Ádám (www.annaadam.net), performance maker and visual artist.

In the solo performance we will observe the relation between climate change and individual responsibility, and question to what extent do we feel guilty and ashamed for the way we treat the environment, and for what we leave behind for future generations.

In this new creation, we want to challenge the boundary between the objective and the subjective, and reconfigure the dynamic between objects and their animating spirits. Through the exploration of spatial arrangements and the use of props, the scenography of the solo will allow the dancer to investigate beyond the proscenium stage the relationship between his/her body, images and objects, together with exploring multiple states of being and becoming.

– The dates are flexible, but the residency must happen between September to December 2020.
– The length of the residency is 1 week.
– The residency will happen in a professional dance studio In Valletta, Malta.

– We are looking for a professional dance artist with strong physicality, high level of technique and very good improvisation skills.
– We appreciate dancers who are curious, courageous, risk-takers, who don’t afraid of failure, and who are willing to progress, to gain new experiences, and to step out of their comfort zone.​

– Be not only dancer, but also participate actively to the choreography of the performance ;
– Gain a new collaborative and research-based working method ;
– Participate to an interdisciplinary project between performance art, performing arts, and visual arts ;
– Experiment with the choreographic, narrative, and sculptural dimensions of costume, prop, and setting ;
– Be actively engaged in ecology ;
– Get involved in an international team, including dancers, visual artists, activists, and theoreticians ;
– Covered travel and food expenses, accommodation, artistic fee.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic a physical audition will not be able to take place, so successful applicants will be asked to an online individual interview.

To apply, send the following information:
– CV
– Video links of improvisation (with password if needed)
– 1 photo of you

Contact details: Jean-François Bouillon

For further information, please visit https://www.grayboxprojects.com/

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