3…2…1… DANCE is a choreographic competition which has taken place annually since 2011.


The competition includes solo works, duos and trios, basing on widely perceived contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront your own choreographic work with professional jury and the feedback, from both the jury and the audience, which is to educate  the latter.


The form of the competition constitutes its distinctive feature; according to it every juror, without consulting other members of the jury, awards his/her own two prizes for two chosen presentations. The juror has to determine what values of a particular performance influenced hi/her decision and list them on the certificate.


3…2…1…TANIEC is one of thew few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.


In order to have your presentation qualified for the competition, you need to:

A. Submit your application via post to the Organizer’s address prior to 12 pm (noon) 6 th February 2015 (the date of receiving the application by the Organizer is taken into account). The application has to consist of:
– filled application form
– recording of the presentation (CD only)
– receipt of the application fee payment for the amount of 30 PLN per person (10 EUR for a solo, 20 EUR for a duet, 30 EUR for a trio).


B. Submit, additionally, a completed electronic application form and send it via e-mail prior to 6 th February 2015 at 321taniec@gmail.com


C. Be successful in the pre-selection which will take place on the basis of the sent recordings. Information about selected presentations will be sent to all applicants vie e-mail on 12 th February 2015 the latestcorri

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