Yesterday the twelfth edition of 100° Berlin Festival came to an end.
During the long weekend of independent theatre, also known as the “Theatre Marathon”, over 100 productions were staged. Among these, one of particular interest and one which was greatly appreciated by the audience, was the performance of “Fate of the Galaxies” by the dance group One Third.

It began by reflecting upon galaxies’ movements; the way in which they touch and cross one other, in a game of attraction and interactions, causing more new changes to occur, giving rise to new stars or simply amounting to nothing. The ensemble of dancers animated the stage with interesting trajectories of movement, moving energy, making casual contact, creating falls and suspensions in an ever-changing rhythm of acceleration and breaks.

Hannes Bruder’s original live music supported and accompanied the improvisation. He succeeded in composing and producing hypnotic sounds with his electric guitar and he used an extravagant and diverse variety of tools to pluck the strings.


The individual qualities of the seven dancers (Roberta Ricci, Stefania Petraka, Annukka Hirvonen, Justyna Kalbarczyk, Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen, Sasa Pavic, Sarah Jegelka) came together in harmonious synthesis, and helped to maked the performance heterogeneous and colorful.

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Nicola Campanelli
Danzatore per la Compagnia di danza contemporanea “Connecting Fingers”, di base a Berlino, dove collabora con coreografi e direttori artistici di fama internazionale. E’ inoltre istruttore di Pilates.