minute papillon by the Greek choreographer Toula Limnaios is currently on at the HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN until December 13th; it’s a show not to be missed!

The stage is a very large piece of land, with a strip of green grass on the side..
On this ground, the dancers tell stories whilst a man beats time by moving clods of earth with a shovel, in an incessant and repetitive act that interferes with the dancers’ actions.
It seems almost as though there is no peace for the protagonists of the tales.
Their efforts to search each other out, to stop time or to unearth memories, are all in vain due to the passage of time that covers everything, like the earth that is launched from a platform at the center of the stage.
An exhausting search of oneself and the other in a dynamic spiral which merely returns and recurs over and over again.

Photo by cyan
Photo by cyan


The dancers’ interpretation is intense; they do not spare their energy, but instead reach the limit of their strength in order to oppose the demeaning and relentless rain of earth, which continues to fall through the hands of the man who shovels relentlessly from the scaffolding. They roll and run from one corner of the stage to the other in a frenzy that is typical of our time.

A strong performance that captures the viewer’s attention from start to finish without losing its intensity.

Truly recommended!!!