Interno5 Danza is looking for a female and male dancer with a high level in contemporary dance techniques and performance skills for a new project ACT OF MERCY of Antonello Tudisco ( premiere in Naples / Italy on the 17th March 2019)What we are looking for:
• Experienced dancers with a professional experience in creative and dynamic processes. We appreciate individuality, strong performance skills and artistic integrity.Where: Naples, Italy

When: 8th and 9th December 2018

Deadline for applications: 30 November

Interno5 is based in Naples and since 4 years has been supported by the Italian Ministry of culture. The artistic director and the main choreographer is Antonello Tudisco. The company tours in Italy and abroad and support also young choreographers and residencies programs.

• Audition 8-9 December 2019
• Application deadline: 30 November 2018
• Those invited receive a notification to the e-mail address the application is sent from.
• Rehearsal period 14-23 January 2019 / 19-27 February 2019 / 12-17 March 2019

To apply:

Please send your application, including your CV, letter of motivation, photo and video-link in your e-mail.
Send your application to